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The Truth About Perdue Chicken

Recently I had the opportunity to tour the Perdue Farms chicken facilities in Salisbury, Maryland. They promised to open the kimono and show us any part of the chicken raising and processing chain, from hatchling to table. Without going into great detail, I wasn’t sure what to expect regarding the truth about Perdue Chicken. Like many of us, I didn’t understand the process taken by companies like Perdue in supplying quality food to American dinner tables. After this few days spent with the Perdue team as part of their new brand ambassador program, I walked away pretty darn impressed….

UGA paper on cool cells

Poultry scientists and engineers at the University of Arkansas have been studying the use of sprinkler systems as an alternative to traditional evaporative cooling pads in tunnel-ventilated houses on a commercial broiler farm. A sprinkler system, unlike a fogging system, operates at low pressure and generates very large water droplets. The objective of the system is to help cool the birds, not as much by reducing house temperature, but more through the light wetting of the birds. As water evaporates from the surfaces of the birds it lowers the surface temperature of the birds, which in turn increases heat loss from the birds. This is not to say that a sprinkler systems does not reduce house temperature. The combination of the water droplets partially evaporating as they fall to the floor of a house with that water evaporating off the bird surfaces does in fact

Best Performing Tunnel Fans – 2018

When building a new house or retrofitting an older one, tunnel fan selection is one of the most, if not the most important decision a producer has to make.  A house’s fans are essentially the engine of the ventilation system and as a result have a significant effect on a producer’s ability to maintain the proper environmental conditions throughout the year.  Furthermore, with rising electricity prices, selecting the right energy-efficient fan can save a producer thousands of dollars a year.  As a result, when selecting fans it is crucial that a producer compares fans not just on initial cost, but on fan performance and operating costs as well…

Biosecurity Basics for Poultry Growers

Biosecurity refers to procedures used to prevent the introduction and spread of disease-causing organisms in poultry flocks. Because of the concentration in size and location of poultry flocks in current commercial production operations and the inherent disease risks associated with this type of production, it is imperative that poultry producers practice daily biosecurity measures. Developing and practicing daily biosecurity procedures as best management practices on poultry farms will reduce the possibility of introducing infectious diseases such as Avian Influenza and Exotic Newcastle as well as many others. Contract poultry growers should be familiar with the specifics of their company’s biosecurity protocols and work closely with company representatives to implement those programs.

Who is Hog Slat?

Hog Slat Inc. got its start in 1969, when Billy Herring was operating a farrow-to-finish farm near Newton Grove, NC and couldn’t find appropriate flooring for the nursery he wanted to build. So, relying on his ingenuity and experience, he constructed his own slats. Other producers noticed the quality of his product, called on him for help, and a small family business was born. Today, that business produces a full range of hog and poultry farming equipment. Hog Slat’s main corporate office is located in Newton Grove, North Carolina; with regional offices in Humboldt, Iowa and Guymon, Oklahoma. The poultry divisions of our company are operated under the Georgia Poultry Equipment, Eastern Shore Poultry Services and Shenandoah AG Supply companies.
Hog Slat, Inc. is a family-owned business engaged in many aspects of hog and poultry production…

Litter Quality and Broiler Performance

Quality of chicks, feed and water are all of great concern to broiler producers, but quality of litter in broiler houses is seldom given sufficient emphasis. This is unfortunate because birds are in continuous contact with litter. Litter conditions significantly influence broiler performance and, ultimately, the profits of growers and integrators. Litter is defined as the combination of bedding material, excreta, feathers, wasted feed and wasted water….

Nuisance Myths and Poultry Farming

Poultry production is the number one agricultural enterprise in Georgia, accounting for approximately 50 percent of the value of farm products produced. Modern poultry farming originated in north Georgia in the late 1940s and early 1950s, and has continued to grow and expand as consumer demand for poultry products has increased. To meet the demands for more poultry products has increased.

Global Warming: How Does It Relate to Poultry?

The on-going debate on global warming has left some people convinced that human activity is seriously impacting climate change. Others are skeptical and dismissive. Whether you believe global warming is real or imagined, we know that the atmospheric concentrations of certain gases are increasing rapidly to levels that we have not seen before (Figure 1). While the impacts of 

Environmental Factors to Control when Brooding Chicks

The main objective in brooding chicks is to efficiently and economically provide a comfortable, healthy environment for growing birds. Temperature, air quality, humidity and light are critical factors to consider. Failure to provide the adequate environment during the brooding period will reduce profitability, resulting in reduced growth and development, poorer feed conversion, and increased disease, condemnation and mortality.

Perdue Farms Signs Up For A Chicken Welfare Revolution

In a vast, dimly lit barn near Frankford, Delaware, surrounded by tens of thousands of young chickens, about a dozen people in ghostly white coveralls are considering future options for the poultry industry. Executives from Perdue Farms, the fourth-largest poultry producer in the country, have set up this tour. Their guests include some long-time foes: people who lead influential animal welfare organizations like the Humane Society of the United StatesCompassion…